Benjamin Moore Thunder or Revere Pewter Room Design Ideas

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Benjamin Moore Thunder or Revere Pewter

Benjamin Moore Thunder or Revere Pewter – Choosing the best and perfect color for house sometimes becomes one confusing thing. To make it simpler, some people will choose neutral colors like white, cream, brown, or others. However, these days some color paint companies makes many variations of those neutral colors too, so it makes people get confused in choosing the best colors. Gray recently becomes a favorite color that people choice in decorating their house, whether for the exterior or interior. Besides it is a neutral color, gray can give elegant and luxury impression in the house, even from the outside of the house.

Benjamin Moore Thunder or Revere Pewter Colors

What are the best gray colors, Benjamin Moore Thunder or Revere Pewter?

Benjamin Moore is one of well-known pain color companies which provide perfect gray colors. Benjamin Moore thunder and revere pewter is two kinds of their best colors which also becomes people’s favorite gray. Sometimes people will get confused whether they have to choose Benjamin Moore thunder or revere Pewter.

Benjamin Moore Thunder or Revere Pewter Paint

Revere pewter, or HC 172, is the most popular gray color than other gray colors. This color becomes perfect gray which is mostly adored by people. Revere pewter can work well in any room in your house, it is also can give a classy looks for the exterior design. Revere pewter will looks so much perfect if it paired with Simply White or BM OC-117. It will add a traditional and luxury looks in your rooms.

Benjamin Revere Pewter or Moore Thunder

As like revere pewter, Thunder, or AF 685 is also people’s favorite gray color. This color is also a green-gray color like the revere pewter. What make this color different with revere pewter is Thunder looks a little bit darker than revere pewter. However, this color is also looked amazing for all rooms. By adding some wood tone, your room is surely looked so classy and luxury. Thunder can be a great choice if you want a bit masculine impression in your rooms. However, your rooms will still look amazing whether it is painted in Benjamin Moore thunder or revere pewter.

Benjamin Moore Thunder or Revere Pewter Living Room

If you want choose soft and warm gray color which looks like revere pewter with lower price, you can pick gray colors by Sherwin Williams. Colonnade Gray and Agreeable Gray are two Sherwin Williams revere pewter paint. Those gray colors are looked almost similar with revere pewter. First, colonnade gray, have almost the same depth with revere pewter when it is placed in bright and medium light. Colonnade gray is also looked warm and soft gray color. Besides, in brighter room, this color will look so clear and fresh.

Another Sherwin Williams revere pewter paint is Agreeable Gray or SW 2029. This color is also a warm gray color just like revere pewter. This color is also looked perfect when it is paired with white colors. Agreeable Gray will definitely makes your room look elegant and classy.