Concept of Revere Pewter with Wood Trim

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Revere Pewter with Wood Trim

Revere pewter is actually a light shade of gray which can be called as neutral team of color. Since this color belongs to almost neutral color, it makes this color easy to be paired with many kind of other color. One of the examples is revere pewter with wood trim, in which the wood pattern becomes the combination of this color as well. However, how is to combine the revere pewter with wood? How is the best color that also can be combined with revere pewter? If you are curious about it and really want to know about it, here is the information for you.

Wood Trim Revere Pewter

Wood Revere Pewter Combination

In combining revere pewter with other color, you might think about the best trim color with revere pewter that already exist before as your inspiration. For the example, revere pewter is usually combined with the white color as well. Besides that, you also can combine the revere pewter with another shade of gray color, such as Chelsea gray and sea salt color. Those colors combination is the example of color combination for revere pewter and you can choose one or two of them as your choice for your paint color decoration. How is about other choices?

Revere Pewter with Stained Wood Trim

Revere Pewter with Dark Wood Trim

Actually, you still have other choices, and one of the best choices is revere pewter with wood trim. In this concept, you can put the revere pewter as the dominant color or the wall paint. You can paint up your wall with the revere pewter. Then, use the wood in your floor; it will be a great combination for your room. In other hand, you also can use the wood as another part of your room. That would not become a great problem as long as you consider about the arrangement and the combination of both revere pewter and wood.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter with Wood Trim

The combination of revere pewter and wood will make your room looks more classy and interesting. It will build the comfortable atmosphere and relaxing room in your house. You can put the wood trim as your furniture concept. You also can use it as your floor and ceiling concept too. That will be a very great combination of revere pewter and wood. So, what do yu think about this combination? That is all the information that I can give for you about revere pewter with wood. Hope you like it and hope this article is useful for you. Good luck with your decoration.