Tops 5 Revere Pewter Color Scheme You Can Consider

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Revere Pewter Color Scheme

If you want decorate your house or room and looking for ideas in Internet, then you probably look at Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. The gray color is a very popular color because it’s beautiful and clean. We recommend you to choose Revere Pewter. Why? Because this color looks amazing in almost every room.  If you have an open floor plan and rooms with varying amount of natural lights or very tall ceilings, then you have to choose Revere Pewter right away!

If you choose Revere Pewter, next you should chose Revere Pewter color scheme for the rest of the house that will coordinated prettily with Revere Pewter paint. Take a look at these colors below which look amazing on the walls and highly recommended for you.

Revere Pewter Color Scheme

1. Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray

Revere Pewter Color Scheme Chelsea Gray

Color Scheme Revere Pewter

Both Revere Pewter and Benjamin Moore ‘Chelsea Gray’ have the same tone. Those colors will look fantastic together. On a computer screen, the swatch for Chelsea Gray will comes across greenish sometimes but if we apply it on the walls it will comes more as a slate blue.

2. Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue and Stratton Blue

Revere Pewter Color Scheme Wythe Blue

Both colors from Benjamin Moore goes perfectly with Revere Pewter. The balance is good so you can choose it for open living space such as kitchen or dining room walls.

3. Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray

Revere Pewter Color Scheme Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams ‘Comfort Gray’ is a mixture of blue, green, and gray. This color is a great choice for you who want to add a bit of color to your walls. Sherwin Williams Revere Pewter paint will also remain neutral on the walls.

4. Sherwin Williams Veiled Violet

Revere Pewter Color Scheme Combinations

If you have a daughter or you are a girl, then Sherwin Williams ‘Veiled Violet’ is a perfect balance of gray and violet for your bedroom. You can also pint any room you wish with this color. You can feel classy vibe with this Revere Pewter color scheme. Because Veiled Violet is the perfect balance of gray and violet, the color also looks amazing with gold.

5. Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

Revere Pewter Color Scheme

Sherwin Williams‘Repose Gray’ is a cool gray color. It will stay gray once it’s applied on the walls. You can choose this color for bathroom. It is also looks amazing transitioning from the Chelsea Gray hallways.

Actually, Revere Pewter looks fabulous with both warn and cool tones so you can pair it with many colors. So that’s all about Revere Pewter color scheme.